Our knowledge and connections in this region come from over 16 years of dedicated Latin American experience in senior level media and telecommunications positions.

  • We have worked in nine countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico.
  • Former Managing Director, Latin America for RBC Daniels
  • We have guided the expansion of numerous companies into this region
  • We have successfully negotiated dozens of mergers and acquisitions throughout the region
  • We have been a founding partner of a leading cable and broadband company in Brazil
  • We are fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English

Our connections with local business owners, directors and senior level executives are genuine and trustworthy. Our reputation and value to all parties is based on the trust of both sides of the relationships we create. To ensure our integrity, we will pursue a thorough due diligence and all references on our clients as well as the contacts we provide.

Honesty is essential to us. We want you to succeed and will do everything possible to make that happen. But occasionally our greatest value is in uncovering a barrier to entry that cannot be overcome, saving you a substantial investment of time and capital which cannot be recovered.

While our experience is predominantly in the cable, broadband, telecom and media areas, our connections throughout Latin America can be invaluable to other industries seeking geographic diversification and new revenue opportunities.

We also maintain excellent relationships with legal and accounting service providers, as well as banks and private equity resources for capital raising support and funding requirements.

Our value is in utilizing all these connections to thoroughly assess the opportunity, confirm the practicality of implementation and accelerate your business development process.

Why Lat Am Consulting Corp?

Establishing a business in Latin America can be extremely profitable. It is also multi-faceted and complex.

You must begin by asking

  • Which country(ies) and why?
  • Who do I know there?
  • Who can I trust there?
  • Are my assumptions about the market correct?
  • Who has real experience there?

Our on-the-ground experience in this region is invaluable. Many subtler features can impact your ability to be successful. As you consider a venture in this region we can provide you with not only an excellent network of connections but also insight into

  • market/industry overview
  • competitive environment
  • industry regulations
  • labor and tax laws
  • personnel recruitment
  • tariffs and duties
  • local financing alternatives
  • risk assessment

We have also found that it is of particular benefit that we come from a background of U.S. business practice. This allows us to more effectively explain and bridge the differences between the way you work at home and how you must work to succeed in Latin America.